The Problem

Over time, bleachers can sag due to normal wear and tear or abuse. When this occurs the top of the vertical support posts grind across the underside of the decking beams as the bleachers open/close causing excess friction and that awful groaning or screeching sound. Because the excess friction at the deck/post contact point can be inconsistent along the length of the bleacher bank, undo stress is placed on motors, wheels, axles, and other structural components. This stress will eventually result in expensive repairs and possibly replacement.

The Affordable Solutions 
to Extend Bleacher Life!

E-Z Bleacher Glide™ System

Stop the Screeching and Grinding of Your Bleachers

The screeching, grinding, and groaning sounds made by bleachers as they move in or out are a warning sign of underlying mechanical issues that, if not addressed could result in very costly repairs or even total bleacher replacement. The E-Z Bleacher Glide eliminates excess friction allowing bleachers to track smoothly and evenly to extend the life of the bleachers.

Prevent Bleacher Deck Bending Caused by Climbing on Closed Bleachers

Climbing on stacked (closed) bleachers can cause the decks to bend and sag leading to expensive repairs. The Bleacher Brace™ provides weight bearing structural support to each stacked bleacher row to prevent bending and sagging of the deck to prolong bleacher life.

The cost to protect yourself from potential excessive expenditures down the road is less than you think. 

BleacheRx Testimonials

  • D. Irwin, Facilities Manager

    We knew that there were issues with our bleachers. The grinding noise got worse and we were tripping the breakers more frequently, but we didn't know how to solve the problem without major renovations. The guys from BleacheRx explained the situation and installed their Glide product which solved the problem. No more grinding or tripping the breakers when we open the bleachers.

    D. Irwin, Facilities Manager