Noise Equals Warning Signs

Watch our demo video to hear the warning signs of distress and early-aging mechanical issues.

Noise Eliminated After Install

Watch our demo video to hear the smooth operation of the bleachers after the BleacheRx E-Z Bleacher Glide System has been installed.

Are Your Bleachers at Risk?

If your telescoping bleachers aren’t opening and closing like they did when they were newer, it could be a sign that expensive problems could be looming. Bleachers that groan or screech when moving in or out from the wall could be warning signs that there are underlying mechanical issues that, if not addressed, could manifest themselves as costly problems down the road…problems like major motor repair/replacement or eventually, entire bleacher replacement. But you never know when these problems could arise causing your worst nightmare… the bleachers won’t open on event day. The last thing you need is a headache like that! So, if your bleachers exhibit any of these symptoms when moving, don’t procrastinate, avoid the headache and contact us.

The Problem

Over time, bleachers can sag due to normal wear and tear or abuse. When this occurs the top of the vertical support posts grind across the underside of the decking beams when the bleachers open/close causing excess friction and that awful groaning or screeching sound. Because the excess friction at the deck/post contact point can be inconsistent along the length of the bleacher bank, undo stress is placed on motors, wheels, axles, and other structural components. This stress will eventually result in expensive repairs and possibly replacement.

The Affordable E-Z Solution

The BleacheRx E-Z Bleacher Glide System eliminates excess friction at the deck/post contact point allowing the bleachers to track smoothly and evenly. This also eliminates the need for regular greasing of the decking beams and significantly reduces the need for costly maintenance and can help stave off bleacher replacement.

The cost to protect yourself from potential excessive expenditures down the road is less than you think. A typical bleacher bank can be outfitted with the E-Z Bleacher Glide system for less than the funds available in the discretionary budget of most facilities.  On-going maintenance, greasing, motor repair or replacement costs can quickly accumulate but still won’t solve the problem. To avoid spending 30 to 50 times more for a bleacher replacement, let us give you a free estimate on the cost of the E-Z Bleacher Glide system to protect your current bleacher investment.

Patent Pending

Glide Post product
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E-Z to Install

The BleacheRx E-Z Bleacher Glide System is so easy to install that your maintenance team can do it themselves.
An installation for a typical bleacher bank of 10-12 rows takes around a half day or less. If you prefer to have your normal maintenance provider do the installation we can work with them, or we can suggest an approved maintenance provider who can do it.

Quality You Can Count On!

The BleacheRx E-Z Bleacher Glide System is extremely durable, nontoxic, highly resistant to corrosion and 15 times more resistant to abrasion than carbon steel. The key attribute of our product is the extremely low coefficient of friction which is lower than that of nylon and comparable to Teflon…especially in applications where it contacts metals. These characteristics make our product ideal for eliminating the excess friction that puts your bleacher investment at risk. We are so confident that the E-Z Bleacher Glide will perform as advertised, we back it with a 5 Year Warranty on product durability and workmanship.

BleacheRx Testimonials

  • D. Irwin, Facilities Manager

    We knew that there were issues with our bleachers. The grinding noise got worse and we were tripping the breakers more frequently, but we didn't know how to solve the problem without major renovations. The guys from BleacheRx explained the situation and installed their Glide product which solved the problem. No more grinding or tripping the breakers when we open the bleachers.

    D. Irwin, Facilities Manager