The Bleacher Brace Difference

Watch our demo video to see the before and after effects of installing Bleacher Brace to your bleachers.

How Does Bleacher Brace Work?

Bleacher Brace™ provides solid weight bearing structural support to the front edge of the stacked bleacher deck by distributing vertical (climbing) pressure from the top row through to the floor. By eliminating the space between the decking and the nose beam of the adjacent rows, Bleacher Brace™ utilizes the strength of the horizontal nose beam to eliminate bending of the deck.

Bleacher Brace™ securely locks in place under the nose beam out of the way so it doesn’t interfere with normal seating when the bleachers are open. The system is customized to fit the varying spacing between rows, even within the same bleacher bank.

Bleacher Brace™ prevents stacked bleacher deck sagging and prolongs the useful life of your bleachers.

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The Affordable E-Z Solution

The Bleacher Brace System eliminates sagging and eliminates bending of closed bleachers which significantly reduces the need for costly maintenance and can help stave off bleacher replacement.

The cost to protect yourself from potential excessive expenditures down the road is less than you think.  To avoid spending 30 to 50 times more for a bleacher replacement, let us give you a free estimate on the cost of the Bleacher Brace system to protect your current bleacher investment.

U.S. Patent Number: 9,752,338
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Bleacher Brace is

E-Z to Install

We can work with your existing maintenance provider to insure proper installation or we can suggest an approved maintenance provider to perform the installation.

Quality You Can Count On!

The Bleacher Brace System is extremely durable, nontoxic, highly resistant to corrosion.